Updates, Updates All Around

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update you all on some things:

1. Some really cool interviews coming up with some great bands! Think SXSW!

2. If you were unaware, I also write/play my own music and my song “On the Road” has been trending for two weeks on ReverbNation. Check it out, share it! I’ll maybe send you a fruit basket (I wish I could). http://www.reverbnation.com/ker7/song/22523199-on-the-road  also if you want to like my music page www.facebook.com/kermusic

3. Long overdue Fleetwood Mac concert review coming up! And a not so much overdue Brandi Carlile concert review

4. Jenny Lewis is releasing her new music video soon ft. Feist. ALL MY DREAMS R COMING TRU.

Have a lovely week!

All the best,



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