Updates, Updates All Around

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update you all on some things:

1. Some really cool interviews coming up with some great bands! Think SXSW!

2. If you were unaware, I also write/play my own music and my song “On the Road” has been trending for two weeks on ReverbNation. Check it out, share it! I’ll maybe send you a fruit basket (I wish I could). http://www.reverbnation.com/ker7/song/22523199-on-the-road  also if you want to like my music page www.facebook.com/kermusic

3. Long overdue Fleetwood Mac concert review coming up! And a not so much overdue Brandi Carlile concert review

4. Jenny Lewis is releasing her new music video soon ft. Feist. ALL MY DREAMS R COMING TRU.

Have a lovely week!

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Let’s Talk About: The Voyager



Never has an album cover better represented all of the musical glory that particular album holds. Yet somehow, Jenny Lewis has done it again. She has gone and created an album worthy of comparisons to rainbow jumpsuits, unicorns, and glitter in the best way possible.

After garnering positive reviews and warm reception to her “Just One Of The Guys” music video (iconically featuring Anne Hathaway, Kristin Stewart, Brie Larson, and Jenny herself dressed as men), the bar was set very high. Not only did the The Voyager surpass all of the expectations previously set, but it completely trumped them.

A theme of heartbreak seems to run through these songs like a strong current, yet Jenny is talented enough, and quite frankly smart enough musically, to present them in an upbeat manner, which I imagine is a very challenging thing to do.

Songs “She’s Not Me” and “Aloha & the Three Johns” are heavy hitting when it comes to revealing personal heartbreak that Jenny has experienced, yet they contain a certain island vibe entangled in a genius mix of euphonious melodies and enchanting layered rhythms.

The album takes a slight variation from the overall upbeat track listings with the title track “The Voyager” where a more melancholy mood is presented. In songs “Slippery Slope” and “Love U Forever” Jenny captures a more rock/indie vibe as seen in previous days with former band Rilo Kiley.

This versatility, while remaining familiar and consistant is one of the things I search for and most enjoy in artists. Jenny blows it out of the water once again. 


Let’s Talk About: Newport Folk Festival

photoDay one of the three day Newport Folk Festival has only just ended, but boy has it been a real treat. Having gone to Firefly Music Festival in June, it was an extraordinarily nice change of scenery. Fort Adams is the absolute perfect venue for a small, intimate festival, which is exactly what NFF is. The scale of attendees is around 10,000 people, with artists performing on a total of four stages. The ocean backdrop is absolutely stunning and the environment was surprisingly peaceful and calm, the antithesis of Firefly (lol sorry Firefly but you were cray). There are still two more days left, but I could hardly wait to talk about the festival to someone other than my family and friends, so voila.


IMG_0284The headliner of the night was Ryan Adams, but for me the star was Jenny Lewis. She was absolutely phenomenal and sounded amazing live. Her outfit was pretty quirky and bizarre (a cape and Willy Wonka-esque glasses) which made me love her performance that much more. She began her set with her latest hit “Just One Of The Guys” and “Silver Lining” from her days with Rilo Kiley immediately following. I was sincerely hoping she would play “Silver Lining” but didn’t think she actually would, so that was an awesome surprise.


I attended the festival with my sister who I hardly get to see, so that has been very nice. It has just been really incredible so far and I cannot wait for what is to come. Tomorrow- Jack White. P.S- Only true followers of KersCorner will realize that I am wearing my signature festival hat in the picture below. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. My motto.