Updates, Updates All Around

Hello everyone! Just wanted to update you all on some things:

1. Some really cool interviews coming up with some great bands! Think SXSW!

2. If you were unaware, I also write/play my own music and my song “On the Road” has been trending for two weeks on ReverbNation. Check it out, share it! I’ll maybe send you a fruit basket (I wish I could). http://www.reverbnation.com/ker7/song/22523199-on-the-road  also if you want to like my music page www.facebook.com/kermusic

3. Long overdue Fleetwood Mac concert review coming up! And a not so much overdue Brandi Carlile concert review

4. Jenny Lewis is releasing her new music video soon ft. Feist. ALL MY DREAMS R COMING TRU.

Have a lovely week!

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Stevie Nicks Dedicates Landslide to HAIM 11/29/14

“It was written in 1973, and it has followed Lindsey and I around like a ragged, black cat that you love but it never goes away; it just stays. But it means something, and tonight it means something really special. Um, maybe once or twice, maybe twice in my lifetime I have met a group of other singers, artists, songwriters that I have thought were going to be a major force in rock and roll. And tonight the ladies Haim are here – Alana, Este and Danielle. And I have to say, because I love sharing stuff with the audience about other people that I love –

Um, we’ve been on the road for 27 shows and I play their record every day; I love it. It gives me answers, it gives me advice, it wraps its wings around me and it tells me everything will be okay, and I have such respect for them, and I have such respect for who they are and how they play music and how they put their music together, and it just blows my mind. So, girls, never stop. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t stop. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re important to this world. So, ladies and gentlemen, this song is for Haim. This is Landslide.”

The feels.