Let’s Talk About: It’s One Of Those Days

There are some days where I wake up in the morning and find myself craving music that I really never listen to. Today is one of those days, as depicted by my last few posts, which are completely random and different than what I usually post. Sometimes that just happens. Maybe I had a weird dream that has inspired me to change my musical path for the day, I’m not sure. Secretly, I love these days. It’s nice to have a change from what is normal and explore musical genres that I often forget about. It is nice to listen to a song that I haven’t listened to in a while and rediscover the reasons I purchased (“Help me I’m poor”) the song in the first place. Hopefully today is a good day. I hope everyone is having a nice week so far (blehhh it’s only Tuesday). Tomorrow I should be back on my typical track, but then again, maybe I won’t be (just kidding, yes I will). Also, who is excited for Anna Kendrick on SNL? THIIIIIIS GIRLLLLLL. 


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