MØ Takes SNL

As I’m sure some of you may have heard, yesterday MØ performed along side Iggy Azaela on SNL to debut Iggy’s new song, “Beg For It” in which MØ sings the hook. Unfortunately, the performance did not go well. At all. Many reviews are trashing Iggy, but really criticizing MØ’s performance. I watched the show live and MØ did appear to struggle with the environment. Having seen her live twice, and knowing how talented she is and how amazing she sounds live, I find this situation very unfortunate. Her appearance was uncharacteristic (ditched the leggings/sneakers/hockey shirt/crop top/ high ponytail/braid look for a sleek/chic black pants suit and pin straight hair) and she simply appeared unnerved and uncomfortable,  but who can blame her. I imagine being on the SNL stage alongside a rapper is a vastly different than playing bars and intimate venues alongside a three-piece band. But hey, Lana Del Rey is infamous for one of the most criticized and unfortunate SNL performances of all time, and look at her now. I sincerely hope a small hiccup like last night does not deter people from listening to such wonderful music. MØ posted this photo on her instagram account this afternoon.


“So…… Yesterday, as some of u might know, I performed alongside @IggyAzaela at @SaturdayNightLive.

I was BEYOND excited (!!!)- but unfortunately I had some technical issues which caused latency on my vocals, and as a result I got confused and my timing was off.

It pains me and I’m SO sad today. But life goes on…

I’m not perfect, never claimed to be, don’t want to be, but yeah, sometimes it sucks to be an anti-hero. What can I say- you have to embrace who you are!

Big love to Iggy Azaela and her team who’ve nothing but supportive and amazing!!


You do you girl. It’ll all work out.

Let’s Talk About: It’s One Of Those Days

There are some days where I wake up in the morning and find myself craving music that I really never listen to. Today is one of those days, as depicted by my last few posts, which are completely random and different than what I usually post. Sometimes that just happens. Maybe I had a weird dream that has inspired me to change my musical path for the day, I’m not sure. Secretly, I love these days. It’s nice to have a change from what is normal and explore musical genres that I often forget about. It is nice to listen to a song that I haven’t listened to in a while and rediscover the reasons I purchased (“Help me I’m poor”) the song in the first place. Hopefully today is a good day. I hope everyone is having a nice week so far (blehhh it’s only Tuesday). Tomorrow I should be back on my typical track, but then again, maybe I won’t be (just kidding, yes I will). Also, who is excited for Anna Kendrick on SNL? THIIIIIIS GIRLLLLLL.