Let’s Talk About: Wistappear

I haven’t done a Let’s Talk About in relation to a musician or group in quite some time, so I am glad to be back at it and to be writing this post. This is a bit overdue, as I have been listening to Wistappear for a while! When I first stumbled across this band, I was surprised to see a guy I went to school with is actually in the band, which is neat.

This group is emerging onto the music scene in California. Their songs are incredibly catchy and incorporate a variety of layered sounds and instruments. Unfortunately, it is hard to find their music on iTunes or youtube, so if you want to check them out, click here.

The five songs on their EP, Ride It Out, range from indie rock jams to more laid back and folky tunes. My personal favorites (since I know you’re all curious) are “Extra Mile” and “Out At The Races.” From what I understand, the group has been putting on quite a few shows in LA and elsewhere in California, working on spreading their music and reaching greater audiences. I look forward to following their success. Check them out!


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