Let’s Talk About: No Mythologies To Follow

I have finally been able to listen to MØ’s debut album in full! I apologize that this review is somewhat ‘late,’ for the record didn’t come out in American until today, even though it had been released earlier around the globe. As for the album, I have good news for MØ and bad news. The bad news is that, in my opinion, a lot of the songs off her new album sound very similar to one another. I know this can sometimes happen when making albums, causing the artists to often receive bad reviews because of it. But now for the good news, I really enjoy MØ’s style and voice, so the somewhat repetitive and familiar progression throughout her songs does not bother me in the slightest.

I can’t exactly explain what MØ’s sound is, as I’m still trying to figure it out myself. It sounds almost like a slowed down, soulful electronic situation or something (that helps a lot, I’m sure, for that was such a clear explanation). I tend to prefer songs that lean more toward being ballad-esque, which is why I am so fond of her song  Freedom (#1) from her Bikini Daze EP. I made sure to purchase her deluxe album so I could get a wider range of songs, however, what actually comes on her deluxe album is just additional ‘night versions’ of the songs already on the album. However, I quite enjoyed the change up, actually. I expected ‘night versions’ to be more upbeat, quicker tempo, club songs (ugh) and to my surprise, the songs weren’t that at all. Some of them actually seemed a bit slowed down and more powerful (YAY!). 

For her debut album, I think this was awesome. Although it did not blow my socks off, I still firmly stand by my thought that MØ is going to become wildly popular with the proper exposure. Her quirkiness in her music videos, as well as her voice and music, which are different from most things you hear now-a-days, are certainly placing her on a track for success. At first, people were unsure of Lorde’s persona, and now look at her. I believe in you MØ! Come to America please, love Ker. 

Tracks To Note:

Never Wanna Know

Walk This Way

No Mythologies to Follow (title track, boop boop. I love when I love title tracks, it’s like some sort of positive reinforcement for purchasing an album)

The Sea

Gone and Found

XXX 88 ft. Diplo


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