Let’s Talk About: V Magazine 88th Music Edition



I highly suggest everyone grab a copy of this magazine if you haven’t yet. I had never even heard of V magazine before picking up this issue, but I’m so glad I found it. Every once in a while they put out a music edition, this being one of them, obviously. Although, I will warn you, I ordered mine and when it came in I thought it was a textbook. It’s huge. 

This issue features a lot of cool artists, but does a double page feature on HAIM, Lorde, Say Lou Lou and BANKS. All artists that I am very interested in right now. It was great to hear about all of them and read official interviews. Especially for Say Lou Lou, since they are not very big in America right now. That was very brief, but I guess I will say I’m withholding the details so you have to read it. Mwahaha. 

Over the next couple months I am going to the Lorde concert, HAIM concert and two music festivals that I absolutely can not wait to review/write about/discuss with all of you. So my apologies if my posts have been a bit lackluster recently, I am saving my energy (jk, but kinda seriously). Also, like the rookie I am, I just discovered you can include pictures in text posts, lol. Exhibit A ^^. Go me! I’m moving up in the technology world people! I bet you thought I was 80 didn’t you? Well surprise, I’m 19! PLOT TWIST.

Adiós muchachos. 

YOU GUYS! After I post something, I always go back and look at it… AND THE PICTURE FILLED THE CIRCLE! WHATTTTT THIS IS CRAAYYYYY. (Told you I’m moving up in the world)! Boooop.


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