Let’s Talk About: My Top 25 on iTunes

I really hope no one judges me. Or do. It’s fun to be judged because then I can act cool like Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the Golden Globes (jokingly) rejecting a selfie from Reese Witherspoon (I really hope everyone understands that reference, if not google it, bing it, whatever). 

1. The Wire- HAIM

2. Chelsea Hotel No. 2- Lana Del Rey 

3. Video Games- Lana Del Rey

4. Summer Wine- Lana Del Rey ft. Barrie Jame O’Neill

5. Lucky Ones- Lana Del Rey

6. Born To Die- Lana Del Rey

7. Red Eye- Kid Cudi ft. HAIM

8. Radio- Lana Del Rey

9. Hard Way Home- Brandi Carlile

10. Honey & I- HAIM

11. Don’t Save Me- HAIM

12. Never Let Me Go- Lana Del Rey

13. The Love Club- Lorde

14. Moonshine- Sara Haze

15. Go Slow- HAIM

16. Ride- Lana Del Rey

17. All I’ve Ever Needed- Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed

18. Falling- HAIM

19. Forever- HAIM

20. Young and Beautiful- Lana Del Rey

21. Without You- Lana Del Rey

22. Way Back When- Rae Morris

23. Oh Well- HAIM 

24. Ribs- Lorde

25. Let Me Go- HAIM


So folks, what do we get from this? That I am boring and predictable, BUT dedicated to my favs. Also, girlfriend (me) luvs da repeat button.



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