Let’s Talk About: Upcoming Records

I am sooooo beyond excited for all of the new albums coming out this year, some that I know of right now and some that will probably be announced in the near future. Hip hip horraaayy for 2014.

No Mythologies To Follow- MØ: This debut album is being released on March 10th and I am pumpppped. I have mentioned MØ several times before, and I am very confident she is going to receive a lot of accolades for this record. Over the past few weeks she has been releasing snippets of her new tracks on instagram (momomoyouth) and they sound just as thrilling and amazing as the songs previously released. There is something so incredibly cool about her sound, I cannot wait, I cannot wait, I cannot wait, squirrel!! (<– poor attempt to be funny/ make an UP reference).

Brooke Fraser: Brooke has yet to release any information about her upcoming album, except that she will be releasing one this year. I am very excited about Brooke’s new album in particular, based on the greatness exhibited in her past few albums. What I like the most about her previous albums, is that on each album she brings a new sound/vibe, yet is able to remain the same Brooke Fraser that we know. I hope a tour comes along with this album, fingys (fingers) crossed.

Ultraviolence- Lana Del Rey: Mark your calendars for May 1st everybody, for that is the day Ultraviolence is being released. To be honest, I do not know what to expect from this album in the slightest. When you listen to the songs from Born To Die and the Paradise Edition, her songs all sound different, but similar at the same time, if that makes sense. I guess when you listen to them, right away you can tell it is a Lana Del Rey song because they all possess the same vibe. However, when you listen to her songs that were never released from her Lizzy Grant and May Jailer days, her songs are very different. Still very good, but different. That is why I don’t know what awaits us on Ultraviolence. I saw something on twitter that said that she said her new album was a bit rappish and reggae, which is a bit alarming, but also not from the mouth of Lana herself, I take it. Social Media these days, sheese I have to break out my snuggy and an extra large coffee just to keep up.

Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed: I very rarely mention these two in my posts. When I first posted one of their videos, it did not get great feedback. However, I really suggest buying their new album, whenever it comes out. They have mentioned recently that they are putting the finishing touches on it, and I am waiting with anticipation. If you don’t know who these two are, Nikki is Rosalie from the Twilight Series (lol) and Paul is her husband, an ex contestant of American Idol and singer for the band The Grand Magnolias. Now, when you lay it out like that, it sounds very ominous. I agree, I thought their first EP was going to be terrible, but to my surprise it was actually amazing. They are both extremely talented and Paul has one of the coolest voices I have heard in a while. They compliment each other so well, and it is actually adorable (and musically amazing, but so cute I can’t). You will not regret checking them out. 

Aside from these highlights, I cannot wait to see what else 2014 brings. 2013 was certainly a powerful year for music and I am sure 2014 will be just the same. 

Some of My Favorite Music

Current: HAIM, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Brandi Carlile, Brooke Fraser

Older: Johnny Cash, James Taylor, Van Morrison, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac 


I plan to post mainly about music so I suppose you could say this is a disclaimer.