Psychosocial- Brooke Fraser

1. This is amazing.

2. I’m super annoyed because I intended to post this about five hours ago but got distracted packing for school. Womp. 

3. A lot of people are criticizing this song and supposed ‘new Brooke’ and I find that very upsetting and narrow-minded. Sonically, this song is certainly a far cry from What to Do With Daylight and Albertine, but what would music, creativity, and expression be without the ability to grow and transform? Thoughts? 

Let’s Talk About: Modern Day Love Songs

Have you ever listened to a song and after the one-hundreth listen, realize there was something really romantic about it in a completely untraditional and obscure way? I find myself thinking this with frequency lately. There is something so pleasant about so-called ‘modern day love songs.’ Songs that are not entirely in-your-face and sappy, but still contain an underlying and subtle message of love and romance. It’s really hard for me to type this because it sounds so damn cheesy, but it’s the truth. This generation, my generation, is experiencing love and life in a vastly different way than prior generations and music that is able to reflect those changes and interpret them in a way that is ‘romantic’ is a really refreshing thing. Maybe the first ten times you listen to songs like these, they don’t immediately strike you as the most lovey-dovey, but the modern day interpretation of relationships is something that is certainly undervalued. The quirky lyrics and skewed views of relationships are fresh, are realistic, and are greatly appreciated by people my age.

Honey & I- HAIM

A World Alone- Lorde

Hey Lover- Blake Mills

Sailboats- Brooke Fraser

Don’t Wanna Dance- MØ



Let’s Talk About: Marika Hackman

I feel like I haven’t done an artist post in ages! Gasp this is exciting (someone pop the champagne and get balloons and fireworks, not that any of my posts deserve that response, but I’m celebrating for myself…). As many of you know, I have a pretty solid set of musicians that I primarily listen to, HAIM, Lana, Lorde, Brooke Fraser, MØ and Rae Morris etc. etc. It is verrry hard for me to allow another group or musician to infiltrate my pre-established music core I have going on, but Marika is coming veerrrry close to doing that/ she already has but shhh I need to make myself look more steadfast than that.  

Every so often I like to look at the Burberry Acoustic sessions on youtube, for the artists are completely stripped down and acoustic, which is how I prefer to find them. Funny story, I was actually looking for a specific Rae Morris Burberry Acoustic session I had seen to post on here! That was actually how I heard of Rae in the first place, so I’m a big fan of the sessions. So I look on the suggested videos on the side and just happen to click on Marika performing a stripped down version of her song You Come Down. That was it for me.

Her sound is so peculiar, yet familiar at the same time. She has similar folky/acoustic-y roots that many of the artists I enjoy have, however, there is something about her that comes across as darker and edgier. Her lyrics are neat (as in interesting, not tidy) and a little bizarre and her guitar playing/picking adds a dark and mystical element. Her music is incredibly soothing and her vibe seems very chill, cool and relaxed. 

I believe, if I did my research correctly (insert nerdy emoji/picture here, preferably with a pocket protector), that she recently toured with both the 1975 and Sivu, so I am confident she is going to gain more notoriety over the next few years. I highly suggest you look her up, or look at the previous videos I have posted of hers. 

She has an EP, Sugar Blind an and LP, That Iron Taste, which are both amazing (if you buy the LP vinyl it’s blue!) and her EP Deaf Heat is being released mid April. A song from the new EP, titled Deep Green, has been released and is so so good. Please look her up if you like this blog and my happiness. Just kidding, but I really think some of you would like her a lot. If you don’t like her I will ship you a pizza and /or puppy based on your preference. Kidding. I actually may still get the pizza and puppies but keep them for myself… just kidding…. maybe. 

The only unfortunate part of this situation is that she is from Europe, like many of my other favorites. This means I probably will not get to see her live anytime soon 😦 But one day! I guess Europe can’t help the fact that they produce amazingly talented and likable singers! You go Europe! 

Noteworthy Songs: I’ll Borrow Time, Bath Is Black, Cinnamon 

P.S. After I post something I always go back and look at it, and my sad face turned into an actual emoji sad face, how adorable! Who knew? Technology boop boop.