My Q&A With: Cleopatra Degher

At a very young age you moved to Sweden and spent much of your youth there before moving back to California. How do you feel the culture of both these locations influences your music? 

Being bicultural has really shaped who I am, both musically and otherwise. I find myself being drawn to the more melancholy vibes of (some) Nordic music, but at the same time I listen to a lot of American roots music, and I think I take a little from both when I write my songs.

 Your sound has been likened to Joni Mitchell. Who would you say your music is comparable to? Or how would describe the audiences you’re trying to reach? 

Hmm that’s always hard for me to say. I might say my music is comparable to a band like First Aid Kit. I like their music a lot.


This summer you’re touring the East Coast. How, if at all, do you anticipate this tour will be different than the time you’ve spent on the West Coast? 

I have friends and family in several cities along the West Coast who I’ve been able to stay with and hang out with along the way. On the East Coast I don’t have nearly as many and I’ve also never been there before. So it’ll be a completely different experience! I’m really looking forward to seeing the East Coast.


After releasing your debut album Pacific last fall, you were featured on NPR’s World Café Next. What is your reaction to such moments of increasing recognition?

 It’s a great feeling. I get motivated to work harder when things like that happen. The World Cafe feature was completely out of the blue too, which made it even more special.

At South by Southwest this past year, you played three consecutive nights. Did you get to catch any other performances while you were there? 

Yeah I got to see Laura Marling play tunes from her new album in a pretty intimate setting, which was so great! She’s one of my favorites now. And I got to see several local Austin bands who were all super good. I’m impressed with Austin in so many ways.


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