A Ker’s Corner/ Kerin Update!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been missing! I feel that I made this same apology around this time last year. The end of the school year is always extraordinarily hectic, with finals and classes wrapping up, moving out and heading home, etc. I also opened a music venue on my campus this past semester, which has been an overwhelming, yet entirely fulfilling experience, and I am now the concert chair at my school. So it’s up to me to handle which artists come to perform! It’s all so exciting, but boy, am I exhausted! Nonetheless, I promise I will be back positing again shortly! I have a great interview ready to post soon, and several more exciting things for the future.

I am heading to some festivals this summer, which is always super fun and creates some great stories to tell. Unfortunately, I had to miss some wonderful concerts this past semester (i.e. Tove Styrke, Brook Fraser, etc.) due to an overload of work. I suppose I will just have to make up for it in the future!

In other news, I’ve been playing shows myself, which has added to the craziness. I got to play a few songs at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA the other night, which was absolutely surreal. I have seen so many wonderful artists there! I’ll post some pictures below (if you care at all, l o l). Feel free to like my music page on Facebook if you want to keep up with shows and my journey and such. Okay, that semi-shameless plug is over.


I hope you’re all doing wonderful, and I PROMISE I will stop slacking soon!


P.S. My girl MØ is doing so well! I am so happy! Check out Grace Mitchell if you get a chance, she’s incredible!10384689_10153340700699038_2242880151579523868_n 11259815_10153340700914038_675561834667217052_n


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