Today’s Featured Album: Beautiful Songwriting Vol. 3

This album comprised of songs from up-and-coming singer/songwriters stems from a project known as A Lonely Ghost Burning.

“A project created to share and support the music we believe in, A Lonely Ghost Burning aims to exist in the interests of listeners and artists alike. Discovery. Community. Honesty. Pleasantness.

We curate collections of underexposed music as a means of introducing the recent albums, EPs and demos that we’re into. These collections are assembled with the express permission of all the artists involved, and made available for streaming and free download on Bandcamp and Noisetrade. We only feature the music we genuinely believe in. No exceptions.”

The artists featured on this volume include:

Flower Face (Acoustic / Experimental / Quietude)

Jjiraf (Vocal Harmonies)

Cara Mitchell (Folk)

I Am The Sky (Americana)

Maddy Sleigh (RnB / Singer-Songwriter)

Haley Galliano (Piano-Pop)

Claire Cronin (Dark-Folk)

Mari Joyce (Folk)

Richard Allen (Acoustic)

Jason Howell (Rock / Singer-Songwriter)

Conversations (Acoustic)

Check it out here!

Check out the official website here!


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