Let’s Talk About: My Concert Countdown

Just to update everyone on my crazy concert-filled summer because I understand you’re all waiting by your computer screens to see what I’ve been doing with my life (sarcasm intended):

Concerts attended thus far:

Lorde, Lana Del Rey, HAIM, MØ

Upcoming Concerts:

The Avett Brothers, First Aid Kit, Firefly Music Festival, Lorde (again… whoop).

Locations of where my concerts were/will be (to show how cray I am about concerts….?)

Philly, Atlantic City, Boston, Delaware…. whoops.. (no shame). 

What to wear? What to bring? How to dance? The questions that plague me.

They’ve gone so fast.. (single tear runs down my cheek).

(This would be the ideal time to use the nonexistent back-flipping hamster emoji that I hope someone creates in the near future… *cough cough*)

Also, I think this post should get an award for most ellipses used (aka  ‘…’) in one post.

^^^^ Fast forward to 2:07?


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