Standard Concert Experience

Standard Concert Experience

This about sums up my experience with my friends. Well definitely me at least. (See friend Barb in Scavenger Hunt post if you would like a more realistic visual).
Also I would like to specify that I’m the one on the right. I think he/she does better spirit fingers.

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3 thoughts on “Standard Concert Experience

  1. So true! Literally every time I go to a concert I have fan spirit fingers. My favorite thing to do is wonder what song they will open with. Seriously love your blog! I wrote about the Grouplove concert on my site too!

      • Haha, totally! I seriously love going to concerts. You’re taste in music is awesome! Not a lot of people know who Haim is but i just saw them in concert last week and they were AMAZING. I also saw chvrches and Grouplove last week and they were incredible! I have a few photos on my site too!

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