My Q&A With: Scavenger Hunt

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Where to begin? I was lucky enough to be able to ask Jill from Scavenger Hunt a few questions before she and the band performed at my campus last night. Scavenger Hunt is on the Campus Consciousness Tour with Capital Cities. It was a great day filled with extraordinary performances, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.

Scavenger Hunt is a Los Angeles based duo-turned-band comprised of lead singer Jill Lamoureux and Dan Mufson, and now also includes two other band members. The band is rapidly starting to gain attention for their catchy songs, friendly fan interaction and, of course, talent. Their self-titled, debut EP was recently released with four electrifying songs, as well as two remixes. One of the most well know songs form their EP is titled “Dreamers.” It is garnering a lot of attention for its mesmerizing pop-synth vibe, seeing plays in stores such as American Apparel.

The Campus Consciousness tour served as the very first tour for Scavenger Hunt, yet it appears as if they have been touring for several years. On my campus they performed both a stripped down set in the afternoon as well as a full set later in the evening. At both, Jill, Dan, and the band took control of the music and the stage. The band had great interaction with each other and a perfect, fun execution of each song.

It is quite apparent in seeing their performances that the band takes a lot of pride in their music and their fans. It is obvious they love what they are doing, which is one of the things most enjoyable about live performances and concerts. Seeing the raw talent and passion on the stage is just something that cannot be replicated. Jill is such a talented vocalist and is able to engage any audience, in this case, students on the lawn in the afternoon versus a filled auditorium in the night. Dan consistently brings bold baselines (who doesn’t love baselines?). Together with the rhythmic drumming and guitar riffs, the band encompasses pop/dance/rhythms that are heard in songs quickly raising up the charts. Not surprisingly, they were recently ranked in the top fifty of the Billboard Heatseekers chart (and I can assure you they will continue to rise!). Jill came out after both sets to talk with students, proving her dedication to this band and appreciation for those who support it, which is always so refreshing and nice to see.

Jill and I

Jill and I

I sincerely look forward to watching Scavenger Hunt’s success over time. Now for the questions Jill had answered earlier in the week:

I know Dan is from the Philadelphia area and Jill is from Kansas, how did you both meet and get together musically?

We met in LA! Dan came to a show of mine, and approached me afterwards. He is an advertising composer and was looking for a vocalist to sing on some of his commercials. We ended up writing several TV ads together, and loved writing together so much that we decided to start our own project. Scavenger Hunt was born! This was less than a year ago and it’s been a crazy ride ever since.

 According to the bio on your Facebook music page, you worked together on a song for a commercial just one day after you formed Scavenger Hunt. What was that experience like?

The first time we wrote together, we realized that we gelled creatively and loved each others’ musical styles. We actually wrote commercials together for a few months before we created Scavenger Hunt.

 Where does the name Scavenger Hunt come from?

Dan always likened the music industry in LA to a “scavenger hunt.” He felt that every person you meet has the potential to lead your career in new direction. It’s a great way to describe how we met, actually! When it came time to name our band, it just felt natural.

One of my favorite songs off your EP is “Dreamers”, particularly for the cool bassline and 80’s vibe. Where do you find inspiration for the sound you want to create in writing and putting together songs? 

We LOVE music of all genres and are very inspired by other artists. We listen to music new and old, all the time and it influences our writing.  We also write according to our mood. We wanted “Dreamers” to make the listener groove and want to get up and dance!

Check out “Dreamers” here
Support the EP here


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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the follow, I’m trying to spread the message of positivity. I am a huge concert-goer and I loved reading this post! Looking forward to finding cool new artists from your blog.

    Best of wishes!

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