My Q&A With: Austin Plaine!


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If you have not yet heard of indie/folk singer and songwriter Austin Plaine, I can assure you that you will soon. With his first full length album released this past March, Austin is diving head first into the music scene. With backgrounds in two different states and incredible musical influences from Bob Dylan to Ryan Adams, Austin Plaine brings versatility and uniqueness to the realm of indie-folk. Incorporating a variety of instruments, such as guitar and mandolin, Austin exhibits a genuine understanding of his music and how he envisions it. If his debut album gives us any prediction into the future, I can only guess that the best has yet to come. Austin was able to answer a few questions for me about his career and music. Here is what he had to say:

You released your self-titled debut album this past March, which must be very exciting. What can we expect next from Austin Plaine?

 This was my first full-length and it’s been a lot of fun putting out a bunch of songs that I’m really proud of. I’m constantly writing and experimenting with different sounds. I want to put out as much music as possible and hopefully support another album with a midwest tour this next year.

 I know you mention Bob Dylan as a musical influence. What is your favorite Bob Dylan song and why?

Coming from Minnesota, it’s hard not to be influenced by Dylan. “Boots of Spanish Leather” was one of the first songs by him that I truly felt a connection with. The lyrics in that song just made me fall in love with songwriting in general. He’s able to paint such a vivid picture with pure words and tell a story. That song made me want to write.

 Having lived in both Minnesota and Tennessee, how have these different locations affected your music?

 I’ve only spent a little time in Nashville but it’s obvious in a few songs how that city has inspired my writing. I think changing environments in general affects the way you see things and ultimately affects how you write. It’s nice to switch it up every once in awhile and make music in a different setting. It keeps things fresh.

 I really enjoy your song, “Your Love”. It has a unique, almost country sound to it that is different from the rest of the album. Can you talk a little about this song and your inspiration?

 “Your Love” was the last song my producer, Jordan Schmidt, and I wrote for the album. It literally came out of nowhere by strumming simple chords on the mandolin. It’s a simple song and I think everyone can relate to it in one way or the other. We all can be different things in life and we are all scattered around the world, but we all try and find someone to share it with somehow. 


Listen To “Your Love” here!

Support the debut album here


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