My Q&A With: Ruby the RabbitFoot!

I first discovered Ruby the RabbitFoot while DJing for my college radio show. Her debut album, No Weight No Chain, was sitting on the countertop in the booth, and I decided to give it a listen. I’m so delighted that I did. Ruby is able to incorporate a variety of elements into her songs that are both pleasing and refreshing to hear. By uniting folky-pop with uncharacteristic rhythms and sounds, she provides a collection of very catchy music and cool lyrics. Her second album, New As Dew, was released a little over a month ago and did not disappoint. I had the opportunity to ask Ruby a few questions about her music and upcoming plans; here is what she had to say:

How do you feel your home state of Georgia influences the music and lyrics you produce?

I have deep feelings for Georgia. I definitely think the landscape, climate, and seasons have an influence on my music (at least I hope). Spring is so beautiful in Georgia, and I write most of my songs during that time. Winter is also special…. Peaches aren’t used to the cold so it can really crack you out of your comfort zone. Summer and Fall are equally wonderful. There’s a great variety in the seasons and the landscape here. You have the mountains and you have the coast. Georgia has it all. I’d like my music to have it all.

One of the things I most enjoy about your music is that each song brings a different sound, from folky riffs to keyboard loops and heavier accompaniment. How do these different musical variations evolve?

I usually let my band take the reins these days. They are so talented and creative. I’ll bring in a song and they just jump right in and make it bloom. Its magic and a blessing to have found them. Other songs I develop at home… when I want something completely outside of the usual. Coffee & Honey is an example.

 I really enjoy the light, whimsical feel of your song “Do Me Right”. How did this song come about?

Ooohh.. I had the hots for a fella. I wrote it around Valentine’s Day for him years ago.

What is next for Ruby the RabbitFoot?

We plan to tour as much as we can. More videos are on the horizon. Other than that, we have been developing record number 3. We are just getting started. It’s all very exciting.


Ruby is clearly a very talented musician, with a unique and awesome outlook on life!

Check out Coffee & Honey here

Support New As Dew here 


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