Let’t Talk About: Built On Glass

Friends, strangers, animals, & everyone else. Today is the day Chet Faker’s debut album, Built On Glass, came out (in the US at least, sorry if it already came out elsewhere). One of my favorite things about Chet, which may sound bizarre, is that he looks like he would produce this sort of folky/indie music, similar to that of someone like Ray LaMontagne. However, he actually plays electric music (don’t judge a book by it’s cover lol).  Again, Australia produces an amazing musician. While listening to his new album, I could hear hints of so many other artists, some small segments of beats reminding me of James Blake and a voice like that of a folk singer. Absolutely amazing. The album had the perfect mix of slower, more chill songs and songs that had a peppier beat and tempo. I could not be more happy or impressed by this album. I mean that very sincerely. What a talented musician.

Notable Tracks:


To Me



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