Let’s Talk About: My Fluctuating Mind

I will start this post by acknowledging the title does not really make sense grammatically or logically unless you read this post. By fluctuating, I mean the amount of posts I do in a typical day is always changing based on how I am feeling/ my weird mind. I realize some days I will post one thing and others I will post ten plus. For those of you following me, on the days I get pretty post heavy, I am sure it can be a bit annoying. The same goes for days when I don’t post anything at all, it makes me sad because I really want to put up music everyday, it means so much to me. Somedays I’m just busy or in a slump and that really stinks. With that, I would like to apologize and express that I really do try to hold myself back when it gets to be one of those excessive-post days (like today if you need an example, I just can’t stop). The vicious cycle I tend to endure goes as follows: Oh, I’ll just post one more… okay, just one more, oh shoot, I have posted every song I have ever heard in my entire lifetime today? Oops. 

You never realize just how much music is out there until you actually take a moment to think about it. To appreciate it. I often find myself in a rut of listening to the same playlist over and over, forgetting all of the other music at there. So I guess now you will be able to tell the days I put my music playlist on shuffle (aka the days when I post five billion things). 

Is anything about this post making sense? What am I even doing? Sometimes I just like to ramble to you guys and tell myself that you’re maybe reading this (if you are, you guys are keepers, because I am digressing to the highest degree).

In other news, my book’s cover ripped and my bamboo is dying. Meh.

But in other, other news, I’m home for the weekend and I have never loved a bed more than I do right now. I missed you comfortable, not college bed. 

Final note, I think I’m going to eventually buy myself a new guitar because I have had mine for a while now and I was thinking Taylor 210 Dreadnought Acoustic… anyone have any thoughts/experience with this handy dandy gee-tar?

Okay, final thought for real, today I was on the phone and said I love you and I look to my right and my professor is there and we made awkward eye contact and I think she thought I was talking to her so… that was pretty weird. 

Goodnight/ good morning depending on where you are! I promise once May roles around my posts will be much better, for that is when all the concerts I am going to are. So please hang in there and thank you, as always, for checking out my blog!


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