Let’s Talk About: Brooke Fraser

Brooke Fraser is not well known, apparently, but she should be! Her song ‘Something in the Water’ won a songwriters award for the most played song over seas (she is from New Zealand). I absolutely adore her music, not only in terms of instrumental music and harmonies but because of her lyrics. She wrote her song Albertine (don’t quote me on this because I may be terribly wrong) I believe after coming home from Africa and meeting a woman there named Albertine. Her lyrics are heartfelt and touching and amazing all at the same time. My musical taste has been up and down lately, but in my opinion, she captures some sort of essence form all genres that I like. She is releasing a new album at some point this year so please check her out! You won’t be sorry. Her most recent album is titled Flags (songs to check out, Betty and Coachella). However, I have yet to get my hands on one of her vinyls, I don’t think they exist… but I suppose I won’t hold her to it. In closing, she knows Lorde (a fellow New Zealander)  and is following HAIM on instagram, so girlfriend has some good taste. 


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