Let’s Talk About: Music in General (How Cliche)

I am very pleased with the direction I believe music is heading. To be honest, I had lost faith for a while. There are so many strong female bands, international (coming from the perspective of the US) bands and revivals happening that is incredibly exciting. Honestly, my posts lately have been incredibly lackluster and I will be the first to admit to that. I have been posting more videos, and less words, and I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing. For starters, I don’t want to force words onto a page just because I feel the need to ‘blog.’ Secondly, I have been overwhelming caught up in both new and old artists that I would rather post their videos so you all (probably like three of you because I’m a rookie) can listen to the music, not read my boring opinions. I’ve spent the last few days with songs stuck in my head, jamming and dancing like a fool…. and you know what, I’m proud. ( In my head I just thought of a really relatable SpongeBob quote but I am not ready just yet to reveal the full extent of my nerdiness).



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