Let’s Talk About: My Terrible Writing

If you didn’t get it by the title, I hope you now understand this is not a musical post, but rather an apology for any grammatical/writing errors you may encounter. I find that I occasionally get way too excited when I’m talking about music, especially my favorite artists. Music is something I am so incredibly passionate about that I tend to misuse words and mix up sentences. My deepest apologies, I just find myself intoxicated (not literally people) by the music and tend to get a bit carried away. So whoops! Have a fantastic night everyone. I will be catching up on Modern Family, American Horror Story: Coven, Parks and Rec and listening to my records all while reading Where Did You Go, Bernadette? Big night for me, whoop whoop! I promise I don’t always spend my night locked in my cave (room) like this, but I think it’s nice every once in a while. Bye now! 

If you have made it this far down in the post, thank you for actually being slightly interested in my boring night and not exiting out as soon as you read the first sentence. 


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: My Terrible Writing

  1. Dude I love your Let’s talk about posts. I was thinking of doing something similar. I feel like a thief just thinking about it. This are awesome.

    • Haha I’m glad you like my posts! My Let’s Talk About posts are basically the only way I feel I can ramble and have it seem slightly organized.

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