Let’s Talk About: Jake Bugg

Swoon. Jake Bugg, the new and upcoming teen artist from England. His music, especially his hit single Lightning Bolt, sounds like it came directly from the 60’s. I am enthralled. I think his sound is so incredibly cool and fresh. My friend saw Jake Bugg live the other day and said he was a great live performer, however, didn’t really interact with the audience. To me, that is a sign of true musicianship. Something I admire. I am incredibly hopeful for the future of Jake Bugg. With his debut album Jake Bugg and sophomore album Shangri La, Jake Bugg is truly making a name for himself. He is set to play a few big music festivals this summer, which is always helpful in promoting budding musicians careers. What is better than a young indie rocker from England? Nothing. Well, maybe ice cream and Netflix. But other than that, absolutely nothing. 


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