Let’s Talk About: Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash, where to begin? My great obsession with Johnny Cash really began after watching Walk The Line, the movie based on his life. Prior to that time I was a big fan of his music, but after seeing the movie, I became more interested in his life with June and began listening to his duets with her, some of which are now my favorites (Jackson, It Ain’t Me Babe). 

When thinking about the music from that time period, such as Bob Dylan and Johnny, a bit of a striking fact is that, if we’re being honest, they weren’t the best singers, they weren’t the best musicians, they were just guys who were able to come into the spotlight. Yet, when one thinks about the things they didn’t have, the attributes artists like Johnny Cash did have become more clear. He had charm, he had a cool factor and he had a mysteriously intriguing persona. 

I often listen to the Live At Folsom Prison record in my room and find Johnny’s raspy and hard hitting voice quite soothing. I can’t help but sing along with the worst impression of a deep manly Johnny Cash voice that I am able to create. I think that because his music has the ability to make people sing and dance along, still to this day, is why people flocked to him when he was in the music scene. His music was catchy and he was cool and sometimes that’s all you need. Kudos to you Mr. Cash. 


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