Let’s Talk About: Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile has easily been my favorite artist for about four years now. I was fortunate enough to see her live last year and it was one of the best performances and most amazing concert I have ever seen. Hopefully a few of you were able to catch her performing the National Anthem at the Seattle Seahawks game last night! If you didn’t, then check out my video Iv’e just posted of one of her songs. If you did, then yay! Or if you did and had no idea who she was, still yay because now you know and you will hopefully be better off for it.

The variety of Brandi’s music is crazy. She and her music are the definition of talent. With songs such as Hard Way Home stemming from country roots to songs such as The Story and Heart’s Content being featured in Nicholas Sparks movies, the possibilities for her musical growth and success are endless. In my opinion, Brandi is very successful and very well known for the alternative/indie/country/rock/everything/amazing genre (everyone’s personal favorite). When I attended her concert last year, it was sold out and the venue was completely full of fans singing every word to each song. It is apparent she has a steady and loyal fan base that is incessantly growing. It’s lovely how she can transition from extremely powerful and anger filled songs such as Raise Hell to soulful ballads like That Wasn’t Me with such grace. It is truly a gift to watch. 

Brandi’s career has included four studio albums and a live album. Each album captures the essence of all that is Brandi Carlile at particular points in her life. With each comes a new sound, new experiences and new songs that are just as fantastic as the ones prior. I absolutely adore her work. Please take a second to listen to her musical gold!

Noteworthy songs from each album:

Brandi Carlile (2005)- Closer To You 

The Story (2007)- Have You Ever, The Story

Give Up the Ghost (2009)- Dying Day

Bear Creek (2012)- Hard Way Home, Heart’s Content, Keep Your Heart Young

Fun Fact- The song Hiding My Heart performed by Adele was actually originally written and recorded by Brandi (you go girl)!


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