Sound Advice Update!!

I have been slacking so hard with the Sound Advice clips. I’m sorry Vanessa Bayer pls forgive me!

The Sleater-Kinney one just came out and it’s not up yet! Will update soon.

Here’s a tentative link because it’s that fantastic.

Let’s Talk About: ATTN EVERYONE

This post title was way too aggressive for what I’m about to say. No I didn’t win anything or meet anyone cool or invent a new instrument, BUT, The Black Keys just announced their tour and for one leg they are touring with Cage The Elephant, one leg Jake Bugg, and the last St. Vincent, that is an excessive amount of talent and I think I’m slowly imploding.

That is all. Except:

1. It’s finals weeks so that’s why I’ve been a resident of Slacker City, post-wise.

2. If that first ‘paragraph’ wasn’t the longest run on sentence you’ve ever seen, then you’re a liar and I’m suddenly good at English.

3. Three more days until the Lana Del Rey concert, six until HAIM, and some amount of days until MØ, so you better believe I will be back with a bang (I just used so many B’s and I loved every second of it).