Chaos Chaos New EP

Chaos Chaos, the rad sister band I interviewed a fews months back announced the release of their new EP today. Committed To The Crime will be released on October 7th. The track listing is:

1. Love

2. Breaker (which you can currently listen to on soundcloud)

3. Do You Feel It?

4. West Side

5. Monsters

6. Better

They are incredibly talented and I am very much looking forward to this release. Check them out in my Musician Q&A section!

Let’s Talk About: Ultraviolence

GAHHHH I am so incredibly excited. Lana is so obviously so nice to her fans (not that I have ever met her, but I mean, I can tell) and the fact that she is more proud of this album than her previous ones is very telling of the product she will be putting out. Let the countdown begin. Or the Hunger Games, that works with the beginning of that sentence too.