Let’s Talk About: Modern Day Love Songs

Have you ever listened to a song and after the one-hundreth listen, realize there was something really romantic about it in a completely untraditional and obscure way? I find myself thinking this with frequency lately. There is something so pleasant about so-called ‘modern day love songs.’ Songs that are not entirely in-your-face and sappy, but still contain an underlying and subtle message of love and romance. It’s really hard for me to type this because it sounds so damn cheesy, but it’s the truth. This generation, my generation, is experiencing love and life in a vastly different way than prior generations and music that is able to reflect those changes and interpret them in a way that is ‘romantic’ is a really refreshing thing. Maybe the first ten times you listen to songs like these, they don’t immediately strike you as the most lovey-dovey, but the modern day interpretation of relationships is something that is certainly undervalued. The quirky lyrics and skewed views of relationships are fresh, are realistic, and are greatly appreciated by people my age.

Honey & I- HAIM

A World Alone- Lorde

Hey Lover- Blake Mills

Sailboats- Brooke Fraser

Don’t Wanna Dance- MØ



I’ll Try Anything Once- The Strokes

Songs on repeat lately:

“I’ll Try Anything Once”- The Strokes, “Milk”-Kings of Leon, “River”- Joni Mitchell, “Never Wanna Know”- MØ, “Unguarded”- Rae Morris, “Bird On A Wire”- Leonard Cohen, “Let Me Go”- HAIM, “Follow Me”- Chaos Chaos, “I Follow Rivers”- Lykke Li ( my goodness I have listened to I Follow Rivers like a fiend), “Money Power Glory”- Lana Del Rey, && “Spooky”- Dusty Springfield.

The soundtrack of my summer. (Cue Boys Like Girls song “Summer” lol memories).

To My Lovely Followers..

To My Lovely Followers..

…my aren’t you all just the best? What is that you’re asking? Am I trying to butter you up for something… no of course not… not at all… except I may have just made my first Buzzfeed post ever about some cool upcoming bands and would not hate it if you check out the post/ let me know what you think! It’s new territory for me and I’m nervy (nervous)! You’re the best, I swear it.

Let’s Talk About: MØ In Concert

IMG_3716Up until a few nights ago, I had never experienced crowd surfing at a concert (I’m a rookie, I know). Up until a few nights ago, I had also never experienced so much energy given off by one single artist at a given time. Up until a few nights ago, I had not experienced a MØ concert. When I use the terms ‘crowd surf’ and ‘energy,’ I do not use them lightly. MØ did not stop for one second, other then the brief seconds when she interjected “Thank you, Boston!” in between songs. What was so fascinating was that even when she was on her back supported only by the human sea, standing on the bar in the back of the room after running through the crowd of concert-goers, or sitting on the shoulders of a fan in the front row, MØ sounded as euphonious as ever.


My friend’s picture.

The live band that supported her served as an interesting diversion from the synth and electronic beats that serve as the background music on No Mythologies To Follow. Speaking of, she didn’t play her title track (a single tear rolls down my cheek). In concert, MØ exhibited the wild and free persona she presents on her album, and so much more. If I had to put on the show she did, I would have passed out after the second song. Hopefully this provides proper insight into how much she ran/ jumped/ crowd surfed around (and/or how much of a baby I am). For her encore, she performed her well known Spice Girls cover of “Say You’ll Be There,” which was the best surprise I could have asked for, as well as “Don’t Wanna Dance.” This was certainly a concert I will never forget. For the absolute best reasons. She continues her US tour for a few more stops, as well as an additional stop in New York in September. If you’re looking for a upbeat and awesome concert experience or a fun time listening to genuine talent and catchy songs, try to go to a MØ concert. I assure you that you will not regret it.