Both Sides Now/ The Circle Game- Joni Mitchell

The Circle Game on repeat for like three days now. Help. Only to be interrupted by the occasional switch over to the Blue album in its entirety.

I’ll Try Anything Once- The Strokes

Songs on repeat lately:

“I’ll Try Anything Once”- The Strokes, “Milk”-Kings of Leon, “River”- Joni Mitchell, “Never Wanna Know”- MØ, “Unguarded”- Rae Morris, “Bird On A Wire”- Leonard Cohen, “Let Me Go”- HAIM, “Follow Me”- Chaos Chaos, “I Follow Rivers”- Lykke Li ( my goodness I have listened to I Follow Rivers like a fiend), “Money Power Glory”- Lana Del Rey, && “Spooky”- Dusty Springfield.

The soundtrack of my summer. (Cue Boys Like Girls song “Summer” lol memories).