Updates On My Life (I know you’re all waiting with bated breath)!

Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent lately. I have a lot going on with my life right now in regards to school, kerscorner, music, etc. etc. I have a lot of really amazing interviews that I will be posting over the next few weeks/months and I’m super excited for all of you to read them! Unfortunately, I have had to miss a few concerts recently (one of them being Warpaint, I really can’t talk about it without getting overly emotional) BUT I also have some great concerts coming up (think WET ((if you haven’t heard of them check them out))!

Aside from Kerscorner, I’ve been recording some of the songs I’ve written in the past and I’m having a really fun time with it! I’ve wanted to record some stuff for so long, so I’m really happy I’ve had the opportunity. I promise I will try to be around more, I’ve just been extraordinarily busy with midterms and everything else. You guys are the… (I was going to say raddest cats because I don’t like the phrase cool cats, but then I thought.. wouldn’t it be raddest rats… and that’s not fun, so I’ll leave it ambiguous)!

Here’s the song I recently recorded, “On The Road”! I wrote/recorded lyrics, vocals, guitar and bass!

Let’s Talk About: My Love For Interviews

For some reason I have always absolutely loved watching artist interviews. I think it is so cool to see the dynamics between artists and various interviewers. It is a chance to see the real personalities of those who seem so far away and on a different level. I always try to watch as many interviews as I can, of artists I love and those I don’t like as much. It is funny how seeing people interact can completely turn preconceived ideas on their head. 

Often times I will dislike an artist and then watch an interview and realize they are actually really cool. Or sometimes the opposite happens, where I will realize an artist is a bit pompous or rude. It is so awesome to watch interviews with artists who are polite, funny and down to earth. I feel like other than concerts, the sort of insight provided in interviews can not be replicated.