Thoughts to Start Off 2016

Hi everyone! The end of last year seemed to escape me, and I found myself on a bit of a hiatus. However, I’m back for 2016 and hope to go back to posting each day! I figured I would start 2016 off with some of my thoughts:

1. Look at some of my favorite artists from 2014 and 2015 who are making a real name for themselves! I hear Rae Morris on the radio now, Shura is in magazines, Troye Sivan, Years & Years, HINDS etc. They’re all making huge waves, and I could not be more thrilled.

2. Where are the new albums!!!! Looking @ you Lorde & HAIM. Long overdue my friends. I guess that’s what happens when you’re preoccupied touring with Taylor Swift, I suppose I cannot complain.

3. Welcome back Florence + the Machine. My, my, you were dearly missed.

4. Also welcome back to acts like Alabama Shakes who have been touring this past year.

5. Adele’s new album is amazing, as expected. Send My Love to Your New Lover, am I right?

6. I heard through the grapevine The Strokes are recording a new album. YAS.

7. Unrelated, the new Star Wars movie was killer. Go REYYY.

8. Do you guys have any thoughts on the music scene of 2015? Feel free to cut my ramble off at any time.

9. Cheers to the new year my friends.

Peace & Love,


I Am a Man- The Parrots

The Parrots are a three piece band based in Madrid. Check out their The Almighty Defenders Cover of “All My Loving” on a split 7″ with KersCorner interviewees Hinds! The band’s new EP, “Weed for The Parrots“,  will be released on June 22nd. You can listen to the first advanced song from the EP here. The track has already received praise from publications such as NME. Watch a previously released video for track “I Am a Man” below!

My Q&A With: Hinds


Hinds, formerly known as Deers, originally started as a duo of members Carlotta and Ana. Based in Madrid, the two started recording music that immediately received positive attention from magazines such as The Guardian and NME. Later expanding to a four-piece band with fellow members Ade and Amber, Hinds has continued to make appealing, lo-fi music accompanied by their fun, free-spirited attitudes, and growing recognition in today’s music scene. Despite it only being April, Hinds have been extraordinarily busy touring this year, having already covered festivals like South by Southwest, and now heading to Spain, Ireland, the UK, and France, among others. With an album being released this year, Hinds can only go up from here.

How would you describe your sound?

weird, sincere and smily

The band was formerly known as Deers, but had to change the name for legal reasons. How did you decide on a new name?

just because it was the only one that we liked and didn’t mean a bad word or that was already taken hahaha

The band recently played at South by Southwest in Texas, and is set to play several more shows in the United States and Europe. What has been your favorite place to perform thus far and why?

we have loved BURGERAMA. a festival full of kids freaking out ’cause maybe it is their first festival ever… everything is so familiar… beers and burger forever free… oh god!

How do you feel Spain has influenced you as a band?

Spain is such a deep influence that it’s just inside our blood. everything we do is in some way influenced by our spanish brain.

What are the band’s plans for 2015?

the album!!!!!!

The band originally started as a duo, and then became of four-piece group. What is your process like in writing and creating music together as a band?

ana and carlotta (here speaking) we still take the main part of the composition, but still when we have the main body of a song we go to our rehearsal place and we search for a bass and drums that we think that fits with the energy of the song and so.

*image from the band’s Facebook page