*Single Tear Rolls Down Cheek*

1. Sorry for the excessive amount of asterisks in my posts’ titles lately.

2. I’m back at school for the year and this weekend my school is hosting a school wide BBQ that is making me rethink the Lorde concert. I’m really distraught (insert awkward laughter here that represents me actually being distraught but not wanting to sound too dramatic). As you know Lorde is one of my favorite singers and I have been looking forward to this concert the entire summer BUT I have already seen her once in concert and I don’t want to miss out on my life here. The torment. The pain. The torture. *Kristin Wiig on airplane is Bridesmaids voice* “Help me.”

Let’s Talk About: Alanis Morissette In Concert

IMG_0527The seaside town of Newport, RI, in and of itself is charming, mystical, and a little magical if you pick the right cobblestone alleys to walk down. Laced with history, lined with flourishing foliage, and surrounded by the rocking ocean of the east coast, Newport provides the perfect backdrop for all things amazing. I was fortunate enough to attend the Newport Folk Festival, a festival that exceeded all of my expectations, especially in regards to the venue. However, nothing could prepare me for the Alanis Morissette concert, which is quite funny to me, considering Jagged Little Pill was released eleven days before I was born. Good times.

The setting, a large white, open tent sitting on the edge of the water, paired with the beautiful, breezy New England night set the bar high, yet Alanis managed to laugh in the face of my expectations. The concert was an ‘acoustic and intimate’ concert. I would say a lot more acoustic than intimate. There was a significant amount of people inside the tent, as well as a number of standing room only attendees spanning far beyond the outer perimeter. Alanis sounded absolutely amazing. To hear such a distinctive voice in person is really an experience. She joked that she found out the setlist for that night’s show via twitter (social media these days, am I right?). Her hits came one after the other, “You Learn,” “Everything,” “Head Over Feet,” “Right Through You” etc. etc. Her stage presence surpassed what I anticipated. To spend two hours sitting in a chair during an acoustic set and be able to captivate the audience, make them laugh, and have them sing along is quite impressive. One of the reasons I believe she was so successful in engaging the audience is because she was very personal in her story telling, telling stories about Canada, her songwriting experiences, her husband and son, yadda yadda.

At the end of the concert she said something along the lines of, this is where we would leave and everyone would cheer and we would come back on, but I don’t want to trip, so thank you for saving me public shame and seven calories.’ The band then rolled into “Ironic” and ended the night with “Thank You.” At the end of the night, I was left wondering if I had dreamt the whole thing and actually just fallen asleep listening to Alanis Morissette: The Collection. Luckily, I woke up this morning and my memories from last night were still very vivd, and very real.

Let’s Talk About: Billy Joel In Concert

IMG_0348My experience at the Billy Joel concert can only be described as something out of a dream. Last night, I headed up to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, home of the Philadelphia Phillies (woot!) for one of the final stops on Billy Joel’s tour. The fact that it was in a baseball stadium in and of itself was enough for me. I am certainly one who values intimate concert venues, but there is something so overwhelming about a stadium that big that fills me with such exhilaration. Our seats were on the field, looking around me all I could see was a sea of faces and seats endlessly spanning in every direction. Looking back and forth from the stage and Billy to the thousands of faces behind created this feeling of awe, being so small in such a large environment. Also the fact that musicians play for audiences this large, make this many people cheerful is an incredible concept. It was a feeling of liberation juxtaposed with a certain anxiety and sense of claustrophobia that absolutely boggled my mind.


Lolol at my sweaty selfie ft. Billy Joel himself.

Billy came out around nine o’clock and played until eleven. What I love the most about him, and always have, is that he is such an entertainer. Aside from his amazing musical talent (he sounds just as he does on his albums form twenty years ago) Billy puts on a very light and whimsical show, allowing his jovial mood to shine through. There were several things I found very impressive throughout the show. One, Billy is able to cruise through a two hour set barely taking any breaks between songs. Two, he sounds exactly like he does on his albums. Three, he engages the audience in it’s entirety, all 50,000 people.IMG_0370

Four, speaking from a personal standpoint on this one, I am nineteen years old, the last album Billy released (other than his album of classical compositions) was released two years before I was born. Let that sink in. Yet with each song I was completely captivated. I wanted to sing along and dance and not allow any outside thoughts to prevent that from happening. During “We Didn’t Start the Fire” the environment in the front few rows was equivalent to that of any of the concerts I have been to recently, the only varying factor being that there were fifty year olds and twenty year olds dancing together in harmony. To me, to someone who wasn’t exposed to Billy in his ‘prime time’, this is Billy. Someone who is able to unite a vast amount of people through music, through entertainment, through happiness. 

P.S. He kinda reminds me of a pumpkin for some reason, but hey pumpkins are my favorite fruit so.. also I was escorted to the front row mid concert so that was casual.



Let’s Talk About: The Avett Brothers In Concert

The Avett Brothers certainly know how to put on a show. What I was expecting to be a nice concertImage full of velvet harmonies and blissful finger-plucking proved to be so much more. The brothers made a point to vary between acoustic tracks and songs that incorporated rock elements, rad guitar riffs and licks, and slowed down bass lines. There was a significant amount of jumping, which was highly impressive, given the restriction of their tight pant suits. With each “Laundry Room” and “I and Love and You,” there was a counter “Distraction # 74.” Incredibly talented, absolutely splendid.

Let’s Talk About: MØ In Concert

IMG_3716Up until a few nights ago, I had never experienced crowd surfing at a concert (I’m a rookie, I know). Up until a few nights ago, I had also never experienced so much energy given off by one single artist at a given time. Up until a few nights ago, I had not experienced a MØ concert. When I use the terms ‘crowd surf’ and ‘energy,’ I do not use them lightly. MØ did not stop for one second, other then the brief seconds when she interjected “Thank you, Boston!” in between songs. What was so fascinating was that even when she was on her back supported only by the human sea, standing on the bar in the back of the room after running through the crowd of concert-goers, or sitting on the shoulders of a fan in the front row, MØ sounded as euphonious as ever.


My friend’s picture.

The live band that supported her served as an interesting diversion from the synth and electronic beats that serve as the background music on No Mythologies To Follow. Speaking of, she didn’t play her title track (a single tear rolls down my cheek). In concert, MØ exhibited the wild and free persona she presents on her album, and so much more. If I had to put on the show she did, I would have passed out after the second song. Hopefully this provides proper insight into how much she ran/ jumped/ crowd surfed around (and/or how much of a baby I am). For her encore, she performed her well known Spice Girls cover of “Say You’ll Be There,” which was the best surprise I could have asked for, as well as “Don’t Wanna Dance.” This was certainly a concert I will never forget. For the absolute best reasons. She continues her US tour for a few more stops, as well as an additional stop in New York in September. If you’re looking for a upbeat and awesome concert experience or a fun time listening to genuine talent and catchy songs, try to go to a MØ concert. I assure you that you will not regret it.

Let’s Talk About: HAIM In Concert

ImageI had been waiting patiently for the HAIM concert for an extremely long time, and I can’t believe the concert has already come and gone. I know that I have raved about all of the concerts I have attended recently but this concert exceeded my expectations. I’ve heard with frequency how amazing the sisters are live, and they certainly proved that to be true.

ImageTennis opened for HAIM, which I was very excited about. I love their music and think they are very talented. Unfortunately, the music was significantly louder than the vocals. One interesting things that happened was when Alaina told a story about how she was stuck in traffic on the way to the venue and desperately had to use the bathroom, and when she asked where the bathroom was, the man pointed to a restroom which only had a urinal in it. He apologized and said that had been the bathroom for the last forty years. Alaina used this story to emphasize the power of women in music and the necessity for more. She discussed how musicians like HAIM are making that idea a more prominent and accepted one. I thought that was an extremely awesome story/message to tell (even though the story revolved around a bathroom…..).

When HAIM finally came to the stage, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I was actually seeing them live. Their mom is from Philadelphia, and was at the concert. They talked a lot about the fact that she was from there which lead them to have a connection to Philly. The energy that radiated throughout the venue was unlike anything I had ever experienced at a concert before. The girls killed it. Whether they were singing, jamming, or shaking a maraca, the passion and love they put into each song was palpable (was that super cheesy?). Este and Alana have constant banter that is entertaining and enjoyable.Image Danielle kills it with her incredible guitar licks and solos. At one point, they performed their cover of XO by Beyonce, in which Dash played the guitar and Danielle played the drums. It was absolutely amazing to see in person how truly talented the girls (and Dash and Tommy) are, as well as their versatility. One of the things I was most looking forward to was the drum circle-type jam they do at the end of each show. Not to continuously say, ‘it was just so amazing,’ but it really was. No words I could say could properly convey the experience of all that is a HAIM concert. I have heard their cover of “Oh Well” a million times, yet was still blown away. To say the least, this is a concert I will never forget, one that probably won’t be topped for quite some time.

Let’s Talk About: Lana Del Rey In Concert

I apologize for my absence recently. I was extraordinarily busy with finals and such, and realize I have been neglecting Ker’s Corner (which makes me sad). However, I am back in the swing of things, and to kick off my return, I wanted to talk about the Lana Del Rey concert I attended last night.

I have been a huge fan of Lana’s since 2010, and have been wanting desperately to see her live since then. Unfortunately, I was a slacker and didn’t attend any of her early shows because I assumed she would tour rather frequently. Big mistake, obviously, since I have ever so casually been waiting now for four years… but alas, the day finally arrived.

Jimmy Gnecco (from the band Ours) opened for Lana, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also wondered the whole time what it must have been like to tour with someone who had written a song about you in the past (listen to one of her songs when she was Lizzy Grant about Jimmy Gnecco.. lolol).

When Lana finally took the stage, the sea of flower crowns erupted into cheers (to say I saw at least 500 flowers crowns is an understatement… I was not wearing one to clarify). Her performance was on an outdoor stage, which she continuously commented on, saying what a beautiful night it was, which was neat. The weather was just as perfect as the performance (that was so cheesy, my gosh).

photo 2Now to the performance, Lana’s stage presence is a bit awkward, which is what I enjoyed so much about it. Rather than put on a facade, she was entirely authentic. Her voice is even more exceptional in person, as she was allowed to stray from the vocal arrangements in her recordings, adding ornamentation and allowing her true talent to shine through. Her song selections were not what I was expecting, incorporating songs such as “Gods & Monsters” and “Carmen” into the set list. She also played “Young and Beautiful,” which was a pleasant surprise. Only taking breaks to ask for a cigarette and take pictures with fans, she continuously played through her hour-long set. I don’t know what it was about the performance that captivated me in the way it did. Maybe it was the fact that I will now finally be able to say I know for a fact she is better live than her infamous SNL performance from back in the day. Maybe it was her uncomfortable, yet confident presense and demeanor. Other than the occasional person vomming (aka vomiting) next to me, and the somewhat eerie onslaught of images that were projected on the screen behind her, the concert was everything I could have asked for and more.

I leave this experience beyond satisfied, pleased, and even more excited for Ultraviolencewhich comes out in a few weeks.

P.S. I am now in summer mode, so I apologize if my writing is lackluster. Oops. photo 3