Let’s Talk About: BOY and First Aid Kit

These two duos are some that I am very excited to talk about. Both of the duos are not well known, and one of my favorite things to do is expose people to new music. One of my second favorite things to do is learn about new music from others. I discovered First Aid Kit long before I discovered BOY, yet I adore them both equally. I have already posted one of BOY’s music videos and I will post one by First Aid Kit soon.

First Aid Kit is a folk duo made up of two Swedish sisters. Their chilling harmonies and mixes between slow and fast tempos are extremely compelling.  Their most well known song is Emmylou, the catchy and upbeat tune about searching for a love like Johhny and June or Emmylou and Graham. This song, along with other favorites such as The Lion’s Roar and King of the World, are all found on their second album, The Lion’s Roar. I actually discovered their second album before their first when Emmylou was free on iTunes (yaaay iTunes)! Their debut album The Big Black & The Blue contains danceable tunes such as I Met Up with the King, as well as melancholy and feelful (not a word I know but you have to listen to the song to understand) songs such as In the Morning. If you like folk, if you like sisterly harmonies so strong and powerful that they’re sometimes terribly amazing (also didn’t make sense, I know people- music is hard to explain) and if you like good music, then listen to First Aid Kit.

BOY on the other hand, angles to be much more pop than First Aid Kit, but also put forward an Indie vibe. The duo is comprised of Swiss singer, Valeska Steiner and German bassist, Sonja Glass. Their music is incredibly catchy and light, and sometimes, that’s just what one needs. Their debut album Mutual Friends is incredible with fun songs like Little Numbers and songs like Drive Darling, a true representation of Valeska’s vocal talent. The duo also release an acoustic version of Mutual Friends  which led to me being way too excited. Nothing is better than a good old acoustic album. Unfortunately, I just missed BOY when they came to my town last year (womp) but hopefully this year a new opportunity will present itself, because there is no doubt I would go to their concert in a heartbeat.