Let’s Talk About: A Random Selection Of Things

Good evening to those in the US and other locations where it is evening, happy April Fools day to those who are currently in April (some of us are still in March, how rude) and happy everything else to anyone else that I failed to mention, because I value anyone who looks at this blog equally and want to spread the love! 

I have started and stopped making this post about six times today, for there are so many things I would like to touch upon, but find none of them can stand on their own. Thus, I have conceded and am making one large random post about nothing, everything and anything all at the same time. 

For starters, I just found out today that First Aid Kit is releasing their third studio album Stay Gold on June 10th and I could not be more excited. As many of you know, I find the sisters so talented and blessed with such soulful, folky voices. They also announced a tour if anyone is interested in getting their First Aid Kit on, still speaking about the band here, not a physical first aid kit equipped with gauze and ointment. If you want a little taste of their new album, click the link here for the weird and folky sequence of wonder and amazement that is the album trailer.  

Secondly, I just got home from seeing Divergent and it was so good. I have always been indifferent toward Shailene Woodley as an actress, but after seeing this movie, I am absolutely convinced she was the perfect choice to play Tris. She captures all of her attributes and characteristics to a tee. The books are always better than the movies, but nonetheless, this movie was such a treat. Hip hip hurray! I always get nervy (nervous) about seeing movies adapted from book series. Here’s to The Maze Runner coming out so soon! Also, Paper Towns is being adapted, this is movie overload.

Next point, today my music Professor told us how the opera that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts go to in Pretty Woman is La Traviata by Verdi, which is about a prostitute who falls in love with a man outside of her social class, JUST LIKE THE MOVIE! I love when little connections like these are made, especially when I find out about them so much later in life and things finally make sense. I had a little ah ha moment in class, I just love love love little things like this. 

Next, I am reading Battleborn right now by Claire Vaye Watkins. I am only on the third story within the book, but so far so good, I suggest it to everyone. Also, the author is a professor at a college near my college. Plot twist! Is it acceptable to drive to the school or…?


Finally, It was Lorde and Jame’s (her boyfriend) one year anniversary yesterday! Dawwww that’s cute and I am very happy for them that they are able to continue in a relationship despite the hurtful things put on the internet and the distance between them with her touring. Also, I know that because she put a picture on instagram, I promise you I’m not a creepy stalker. POWER TO YOU GUYS!

Those are all of my random thoughts at the moment, I promise I will have more soon! Ta ta!

Also, I feel like this was less humorous than some of my other posts, mehhhh. Oh well.