Today Is One Of Those Days…

…where I just want to sit and breathe and reminisce.


(^ My Sister )



Alaina from Tennis


Avett Brothers


I don’t know what this is.


photo 2

Lana Del Rey

Thanks for indulging this random picture post.


Let’s Talk About: The Avett Brothers In Concert

The Avett Brothers certainly know how to put on a show. What I was expecting to be a nice concertImage full of velvet harmonies and blissful finger-plucking proved to be so much more. The brothers made a point to vary between acoustic tracks and songs that incorporated rock elements, rad guitar riffs and licks, and slowed down bass lines. There was a significant amount of jumping, which was highly impressive, given the restriction of their tight pant suits. With each “Laundry Room” and “I and Love and You,” there was a counter “Distraction # 74.” Incredibly talented, absolutely splendid.