Let’s Talk About: My, How I Have Grown

It’s almost the one year anniversary since the inception of Kerscorner (January)! The positive reception has been entirely overwhelming and amazing. Each day Kerscorner gains more followers and grows stronger as a community of music loving, passionate people, and I think that is absolutely incredible. In honor of KCA (kerscorner anniversary not Kid’s Choice Awards) I decided to look back at my initial concert reviews and musicians Q&A’s. All I have to say is, MY HAVE I GROWN. My very first concert that I actually reviewed was the Lorde concert last May, and reading the post back just now, I’m slightly ashamed that I could not think of ONE… JUST ONE other adjective to express “cool.” If you haven’t read the post, I can provide a synopsis. Lorde is cool. The show was cool. The experience was great (just kidding, I said cool). My first interview was with Ruby the RabbitFoot, and was also a bit lackluster, you could say.

The point I’m trying to make is, thank you all so much for coming along on such an incredible journey with me. Thank you for allowing me to grow and become more confident throughout this whole process. I am so happy and proud of all that I and WE have accomplished together as a ‘KersCorner Community.’ Shortly after rereading my first post, I read one of my later posts in which I discussed a critics take on Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence, and (not to toot my own horn here) that is a post I am proud of. I’m proud of all my accomplishments and I’m proud of all of us.

That was literally the cheesiest thing I have ever said in my entire life, other than every other thing I have ever said in my entire life.

XO, Kerin